Ancient Gods.
The Ancient Gods are a race of gods that existed more than one hundred thousand years ago, until they were completely wiped out by Hei Long (Tian), who was one of their own, after they betrayed him. During Tian's reign over the world, there were only two remaining ancient gods: Tian, himself and his lover, Bai Long.


Ancient gods appear less human than the newer generation of gods. All ancient gods possess fangs and horns, while the majority have wings on their back. The ancient gods of the Dragon Tribe have twin dragon head protruding from their backs instead of wings.


Ancient gods are incredibly powerful beings. The long horned gods' powers are stated to be outside the eight realms of Divine Powers. Most possess the ability to fly and throw spears of fire at their enemies.



The Ancient Gods fought a war against the ancient Dark Ones over a hundred thousand years ago. After driving the dark ones into Hell, the ancient gods betrayed their greatest warrior, Hei Long and the warrior's lover, Bai Long. With the exception of Bai Long, Hei Long killed every ancient god and sealed their Transcendent Vigors into Crystal Mountain. By putting the transcendent vigor into primitive humans, Hei Long was able to create a new generation of gods. Referred to as Tian by the new generation of gods, Hei Long had the new generation of gods rule over the humans in order have the humans gather enough blood crystals in order to revive his love, Bai Long.

Season 3Edit

After Tian was killed during the dark ones' invasion of Gods' Domain, Shen Yen revived the ancient gods from the Sea of Transcendent Vigor with a Mantra spell that forges new bodies from crystals. The crystal that the ancient gods' new bodies are made of doesn't have the power to sustain life, so the ancient gods have to feed off the blood of humans in order to survive. Shen Yen then plans to use his new army of ancient gods to reconquer the Central Plain in order to have a blood farm of humans to feed the ancient gods. Shen Yen's conquest starts with an attack on Dark Ones' City. In the end, all revived Ancient Gods are destroyed, once again leaving only Hei Long as the sole survivor.