Bai Lian is one of five Gods holding the title of a Sage King (the highest rank given to a warrior of the Gods). He fought against the Rebel army in the Gods' domain, but was ultimately defeated by Wu Geng, whom he despised.


He was born with sharp makings yet elegant befitting his status as a leader of the gods.


Bai Lian has the arrogantly domineering behavior of a god who despises 'lesser species' such as humans and treats them as if they were his playthings. Coupled with his status and strength, he is quite brutal and arrogant even towards his contemporaries and show disdain to those who cannot reach his expectations.

He had the perfect life with no setbacks, till the day he met Wu Geng...Ever since his defeat at the war in the God's Domain, he has been sulking, ashamed of his defeat in the hands of a human. The trauma left him scarred for life and put him in a state of nearing-madness. His hatred for him made it hard for Bai Lian to recover such an insult to his dignity. Thus, afterwards he has been training for 5 years to once prove his dominance, evident in his mad desire...

Yet even with that, Ah Gou treated him like shit after another loss, stating that it was because of too much hatred that man and god alike could not co-exist, further turning 'poor' Bai Lian into madness.

In their final confrontation, Ah Gou defeats him yet again. Bai Lian claims that he will reform himself for the better, only to get killed by Ah Gou, who says that pieces of shit like him will never change.


Divine PowerEdit

Deadly Spiritual Aura of Purification: It manifests itself in the form of purple filaments with pointed tips. When a filament touches any organic object, it can corrode it in an instant.

  • Heart Piercer of a Thousand Edges: Bai Lian manipulates the purple filaments and has them pierce the opponent's body from all directions.
  • Web of Omniscience: Bai Lian sends the threads to every conceivable direction and traps the enemy in a cage of Spiritual aura. The threads then close in and bind the enemy tightly.[1].

Divine Skill:

Desolated Pool of Bloody Lotus: The pinnacle of Bai Lian's The Underworld power. Manifests itself as a bottomless swamp that rapidly breaks down the opponent's body with its poisons. The opponent's corpse will sink and further decay, providing the swamp with additional nutrients. Allows Bai Lian to manipulate lotus plants in the swamp, which can serve as indicators of the decay of the opponent.[2].



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