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Being an ancient god of the dragon tribe, Chi Long is one of the strongest beings to ever exist. During the annihilation of the ancient gods, Chi Long is the last remaining god who faces Tian in a battle that determines the fate of the world.

Enhanced Strength: Chi Long can kill his enemies with a single punch. During the war his strength allows him to tear through waves of enemies. Easily defeating gods, dark ones, and citizens of Wan Qu. A single punch of his is enough to break Wu Geng's soul gear and render him incapacitated.

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- Indestructible: Chi Long is said to have completely mastered the essence of the indestructible. Constantly incased in an armor of divine power, he remains almost unharmed during his confrontation with the citizen of Wan Qu, the Dark Ones, the Fallen Ones and Zi Yu. Only Wu Geng's Monochrome proves to be an adequate counter.

- Heaven and Earth-Flame: He uses this power in mainly two ways. By forming a great area-of-effect burst of flames that destroys eveything surrounding him. He also encases his fists in flames to increase his offensive power, proving to be strong enough to break through Wu Geng's Monochrome-Dark Wall.

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Giant Dragon Head: A Warhammer that allows him to Amplify his use of Flame divine Power

- Fire of the nine hells


- Fire of nine heavens


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