Li Jing is the father of Li Ne Zha, the former owner of the Northern Mountain Mine, and the current officer of finance for the Dark Ones' City. He is also a master practitioner of the Smelting Aura.


Season 3Edit

After the battle of Gods' Domain, Jing closed down the Northern Mountain Mine. As he realized the immense potential of the Dark One's City, he devoted all of his resources into stimulating its economical growth. He is now the wealthiest man in the city. Even without a political position, he great influence within the city.


Li Jing is a middle-aged bald man who has a square, flowing beard. He wears dark-blue coat with a light-blue lining, and an orange tunic held together by a green sash. Under the orange tunic, Li Jing wears a pair of red pants, and black shoes. 



Smelting Aura:

Fist Aura: A form of Smelting Aura unique to Li Jing. Using his Mind's Eye, Li Jing gathers the Air arond him to form solid objects. Li Jing's variant molds Air into rock fists which have giant chains attached to their ends to facilitate their movement in the air.

  • Merciless Onslaught: (千軍萬馬) Li Jing sends a barrage of rock fists towards the enemy[1].
  • Billowing Waves of Anger: (八方怒濤) Li Jing summons up multiple rock fists which he converges on the opponent to crush them from all directions.
  • Descent of the Heavenly Tiger: Li Jing summons up hundreds of rock fists which he stacks upon each other in an inverted pyramid to crush his opponent.
  • Crushing Weight of the Mountain: (泰山壓頂) Li Jing summons one gigantic rock fist, which dwarfs even him in size, and sends it crushing down on his opponent. Can be used to finish Descent of the Heavenly Tiger by placing it at the top of the inverted pyramid.


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