Ming Yue was a human woman and a denizen of the town that Shi Xing oversaw some time before the main story.

Because of her blindness, she never feared the gods, and she eventually became Shi Xing's lover. For this, however, Shi Xing was punished with the Mark of Death while Ming Yue herself was beheaded by Shi Xing's teacher, Tian Kui, to spare her from the curse of the Mark.


Ming Yue has long dark hair tied into a ponytail and she wears a long white dress. She has a long wooden stick that she used as a white cane. She is occasionally seen with her eyes open, showing that her eyes are white from her blindness.




Ming Yue was a denizen of a town by the border of the central plains that Shi Xing oversaw as his trial to be nominated for the Fight of the Great Gods. Despite being blind from birth, she was very capable of taking care of herself, owning a restaurant and spending her free time helping others with their sewing.

When she first met Shi Xing, she was unaware that he was a God because she could not see his form, and only came to learn that after he told her such. Eventually, they fell in love with each other. She could see each person's inner kindness and dreamt of the coexistance of Gods and humanity, a dream that she shared with Shi Xing. Ming Yue was later confronted by Tian Kui, who she described to also be kind, and he warned her that her love with Shi Xing was forbidden and they would eventually be punished.

In due time, High Priest Xin Yue Kui and Tian Kui came to the town and destroyed it at the order of Tian. While Shi Xing attempted to save her, Xin Yue Kui cursed Shi Xing with the Mark of Death. When she pleaded to Tian Kui to give her the same fate as Shi Xing, he instead beheaded her as an act of mercy, knowing she would not withstand the torment of that curse. Her death made Tian Kui feel sympathy and sadness for a human for the first time.

Ming Yue constantly appears in the series as a part of Shi Xing's memories.