MuWu BiaoQing is one of the Great Generals of the Dark Ones. He was the previous Governor of the Dark Ones' City for five years, but has stepped down due to the recent election. He was key in the planning and construction of the city.




Soul Gear: Soul Restraining Needles- A handful of sharp needles. When Spiritized, they gain a thicker handle of Soul Power, transforming them into acupuncture needles. When the enemy comes into contact with the needles, they are paralyzed for a certain amount of time, regardless of how powerful they are. It is the least destructive Soul Gear of its kind.


Season 2Edit

During the war at Gods' Domain, BiaoQing was part of the reserve Generals of the Dark One's army along with BuWen BuWen, DaChi SiFang, SiWang YenShen, and CangBai DeLian. It is later hypothesized by Ah Gou that NiTian ErXing kept him back from the main fight because of his intelligence and level-headedness, which ErXing believed would be useful in the formation of a Dark Ones society.

Season 3Edit

Five years after Ah Gou's disappearance, BiaoQing is playing with his chemicals, trying to figure out new medicines when he is approached by Zongheng Tianxia. BiaoQing tells him he has done his part, and has more interest in saving lives. He appears to have given his vote of Governor to TianXia, noting that he hopes he can beat YenShen, who is TianXia's biggest obstacle. YenShen arrives to fight TianXia, and the two go at it, more or less being on an even playing field. BiaoQing interferes to incapacitate YenShen with his Soul Restraining Needles however; this allows TianXia to rush him. HanFeng LinLin comes out of nowhere to save YenShen from TianXia's punch, by using his Ice Wall.

BioaQing nearly died trying to defend Dark Ones' City from a army of Ancient Gods.