QiongXiong Jie was considered the strongest of the thirteen Great Generals of the Dark Ones. He was killed by Tian during the assault on Gods' Domain.



He was a bloodthirsty warmonger. He was so driven by battle, so much that he wasn't afraid of killing one of his own kin just for the sheer pleasure of it. He admitted that he was very vile as well; this is what led to his sheer brutality, and his rank of strongest of the Great Generals. In his own words, life was about "killing, plunder and blood".


QiongXiong Jie was the strongest of the Great Generals. He was so strong that even ErXing had a hard time keeping him in check.

Soul PowerEdit

Soul Gear: Giant Dragon Tooth- a spiked mace; like KuangDo's Sword, this weapon is capable of growing in size. Using the command "Return!", the mace is able to shrink to normal size.

  • Meat Grinder: Jie twirls his mace, having the rotating spikes turn into a grinder of sorts.
Limit Break: Much like ErXing's Limit Break, Giant Dragon Tooth glows with a bright green color. Using the command "Burst!", Jie can have the spikes grow and extend outwards. Another command, "Grow!", increases the size of the mace and transforms it into Final Savage Tooth.
  • Tearing Kill: Final Savage Tooth coils around the enemy, impaling and scraping with its spikes and weight.


Past Edit

After HuoKang's death, he pushed the Dark Ones into 10 years of turmoil and civil war. Ten years later, NiTian ErXing comes to him to get him to join the rebellion against the Gods. He is defeated and is the last gerneral to join ErXing.

Season 2 Edit

Jie first shows up to finish the job with the Sea Devil patriarch, commenting that its taking too long to finish them. He lands on the Devil's forehead and uses his Giant Dragon Tooth to bash his skull in. After the female Sea Devils try to save their father, he starts attacking them. Ah Gou stops his rampage by punching his nose in.

Before he dies, he gives his Soul power to Zi Yu, for him to fight Tian