Zi Dian is the former Great God of Lightning Affiliation. He joined the Headquarters of the Fallen Ones due to his feelings for Ah Lan.


Zi dian animation concept1

Concept art for Zi Dian in Wu Geng Ji

Like most of the other men in the manhua, Zi Dian is tall and muscular. He has slicked-back white hair and black eyebrows.

He received a drastic makeover for the animated adaption. His hair is now black, and his eyes blue to match all the other gods. He also is now fully clothed, wearing a blue tunic and shorts.



Season 3Edit

Due to his feelings for Ah Lan, he joined the new Headquarters of fallen gods. Along with the rest of the Headquarters of fallen gods, Zhui Ri joined the forces of Dark Ones' City to fend off the gods' invasion of the Central Plain.

Wu Geng JiEdit

Zi Dian will make his debut in Season 2 of the animation.